KuzTech Co. started on late October 15th, 2013. TheLoneNord thought of the idea randomly again, and created a wiki named KuzTech Wiki (this one). He then started thinking big, of the facts. Kuzon (TLN) wanted a program where users got equal rights for theirselves and more, on Wikia, a hub of Community Central, which functions the same way as KuzTech. 

Kuzon started creating a wordmark on, and then dimensioned it to fit using Paint.NET. He added it, and added a few pages, and thought, he needs to have a logo. He used a blue person logo (as blue was his favorite color), he found and used Paint.NET to make logos. He added these to the wikis and then made some templates. 

He made more pages, then began advertising on Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki, his main home wiki. He tried to get some users to help.