The policies of KuzTech and this wiki are quite simple and everyone should be able to abide them to avoid punishment by martial law. 

These rules may be updated at any time(s) by an administrator with permission from the founder. They have a right to change them as necessary to the wiki's growth and function.

  • Do not Spam, Harass, or Vandal the wiki or the wiki chat. Moderators or admins can ban you for an approriate amount of time. 
  • Chat is a privilage, do not abuse it or it will be removed by an admin.
  • Do not ask for rights. Rights are a very special power granted here to only proffesionals. In some cases, there may be only one administrator here and that may be TheLoneNord (the founder). There is usually one chat mod, if any.
  • Do not troll or anything of the sort.

If you have a tip or question or comment about KuzTech, please notify an administrator or higher power, mainly TheLoneNord. Thank you for following these rules and KuzTech.